Who is the Vegan Lady Gang?

The Vegan Lady Gang was founded in 2015 as a group of amazing vegan women (inclusive of trans/female-identifying/gender non-conforming/non-binary/queer, regardless of race, background, or body type) all making the world a better place for animals and for each other.

The heart of each Gang is the “secret” facebook group, which makes it a safe space for all members. The only people who can see posts in the group (or even see that the group exists at all) are already in the group. We sometimes disagree on things, but when we do, we do so with kindness and respect. There is zero tolerance for judgement or bullying or trolling.

We are all part of this movement to share, connect, support, and learn from each other: meals, potlucks, protests, fundraisers, animal rescue and fostering, volunteer opportunities, skincare/hair care recommendations, venting, and so much more. Never apologize for posting in the Gang: it’s sometimes hard being out in the world as a vegan woman, and the Gang is a place where we all support each other.

The Vegan Lady Gang is a powerful community, made even more powerful by our respect for each other and for all species, our collective strength, and our empathy, all which compel us toward justice for all beings.