An Origin Story

VLGHi! I’m LJ. I started the Lady Gang because I wanted to make friends. It was that simple. I feel silly even writing this. But I suppose I can go into a little more detail.

July 2015: A passing conversation with my friend Rachel, an idea about a ladies only dinner party based on an instameet/tweetup planned a year earlier by a mutual friend. Rachel owns Miss Rachel’s Pantry, the site of the most special 12-person farmhouse table 6-course dinner, & I wanted to gather together 12 most special vegan ladies in Philadelphia for a most special dinner. But then it got bigger.

What if, I thought, I invited a group of my vegan lady facebook friends to a Pantry dinner this month, & then next month, another friend invited her friends, & so on. There would be overlap, vegan Philly isn’t huge, but there would also be new friends, the very thing I wanted. Then my friend Lia suggested I create a facebook group. And so, the Philly Vegan Lady Gang was born.

It was really that simple. And now, 500+ ladies and growing in Philly + Gangs popping up in more and more cities + 1000s of fundraising dollars raised and countless hours spent volunteering and protesting, we really are changing the world.